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I can hear it taunting me. Somewhere, close by, there is a robin singing but I can’t see it. My mother taught me a long time ago to look for a robin as the sign that spring is here. Every year she and I eagerly await them and every year the one who sees the first robin calls the other.

Spring is a glorious thing in Canada. The temperatures warm up, the snow melts, animals come back. We are once again surrounded by signs of life. One of the first species to come back are birds. Every spring our Canadian waters are home to birds of all shapes and sizes. Some pass through to other areas and some stay for the season. No matter what their intention, it is amazing to see them return every year and a sure sign that spring is here.

Since moving to Alberta I have been amazed in the springtime at the number birds I’ve seen. There have been a lot that I’ve been able to identify, some I haven’t and there are some that I didn’t’ even know existed. You can witness the migration of birds in your own back yard, hoping that one of those rare birds will land for a rest in your area but even better is getting out and exploring the places where they gather. Frank Lake in Alberta is one such place. Found 50 km southeast of Calgary, Frank Lake is an important wetlands that to date has had over 194 bird species reported on the lake, including many that are rare in status, according to Ducks Unlimited ( Being able to see such a variety of birds in a natural area is astounding and worth the trip.

Our feathered friends are only here for a short while so gather yourself up and get out to enjoy one of the spectacles of spring. For those of you that are in places where winter still has it’s icy grip on you, I hope you will see a robin today. Spring is here my friends.

The snow had finally stopped falling and I wen out after dinner to find this little guy in my tree.

The snow had finally stopped falling and I went out after dinner to find this little guy in my tree.