The Ripple Effect

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The Ripple Effect

Winner of the most loving Albertan and the trip to Hawaii, Madena Reimer of Athabasca, Ab. wipes away tears as Tim Berry Dealer Principal at Aspen Ford makes a surprise announcement. Aspen Ford gave away three additional trips to Hawaii at the draw held in Stettler on Jan.23.   Beth Causley


From 15,000 people, down to 10 finalists, one woman was chosen as Alberta’s most loving person on Friday Jan.23 in Stettler.

Madena Reimer’s name was drawn from a hat in Stettler and is the winner of the trip to Hawaii.

This all started when Cody and Eva Boreck bought a vehicle last last year from Aspen Ford Sales in Stettler and in doing so got a free trip.

To pay it forward the couple wanted to five the trip away to someone in Alberta who lives a caring, loving life.

They created a Facebook page asking for nominations and while the contest was originally to find the most loving person in central Alberta, the story spread like wildfire on the internet and television and they had over 15,000 nominations from around the world posted to the page.

“There are so many incredible stories out there,” said Cody.

Ten finalists were chosen by the Boreks and all were in attendance for the draw including finalists Kurt and Lynn Cole of Brownfield.

Also included in the top 10 was Lanna Perrie from Stettler who couldn’t go on the trip so Carrie Kuefler was chosen to take her place.

“I’m just a rancher but I tweet and I have a Facebook page. Social media can be used for good,” said Cole, referring to the positive attention that the Boreks’ contest page has received.

All 10 nominees were presented with a framed certificates saying, “With sincere appreciation of many grateful hearts,” followed by Luke 10;27 (with an emphasis on “Love thy neighbour as thyself.”

Reimer, who is a two-time survivor of cancer, lost her mother nine weeks ago.

“I had many dark days,” she said. Yet, despite that, Reimer’s caring spirit never wavered.

Reimer said that many people nominated her. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said, “It’s hard to hear good things said about yourself.”

She added “It’s such a dark world filled with senseless violence and so much anger. We need to show people kindness and compassion. You don’t have to be rich or famous, you just have to make it happen.”

Start local

When asked if a small town resident winning might affect people that live in small towns she said “I hope it inspires them to get out there to help their neighbours and even people that they don’t know, help strangers. There are so many little things we can do and that creates a ripple of kindness, when someone receives it, the give it.”

When asked what everyday people can do as an act of kindness she responded “Go visit people in long term care, shut ins that don’t get visitors, those who are sick, the mother with children who can’’t get to the grocery store by herself. There are thousand of little ways to help and it’s small things that change the world.”

Originally from Newfoundland, Reimer now lives in Athabasca where she runs an organization that takes people in her are to their cancer treatments in Edmonton.

“It’s not just that bout her,” said Cody, “it’s how much she touches all of these people’s lives who are going through the biggest battle of their life.”

In a surprising move there were three other trips given away by Aspen Ford; one to Cody and Eva, one to one of the finalists, RCMP Constable Robert Hynes from Barrhead and a third which will be auctioned off in St. Albert with the proceeds going to fallen RCMP Constable David Wynn’s family. Wynn was shot in the line of duty and died early last week.

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude,” a tearful Reimer said after her name was chosen. Her trip to Hawaii includes flights and accommodations and thanks to an anonymous donor, it also includes meals and spending money.

Originally published July 16, 2015 in the ECA Review