Touching Alexandra Falls

I am amazed at how truly close to nature I’ve been able to get. I’ve touched roaring waterfalls in the North West Territories, walked alongside a caribou in the Yukon, swam in aqua coloured water in Nova Scotia and climbed mountains in Alberta.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada I have lived in different places, traveled a lot and have seen some pretty great things all around the world. I moved back to Canada with a renewed passion for my country and it was here that I started my photography career.

I’ll admit that I am a map junkie. I like studying maps and researching. Knowing that there are so many places to see and things to experience gives me drive! Exploring has become an addiction of mine and my sense of adventure has brought me to some hidden, out of the way, gems. Even though I’ve driven all over Canada north to south and east to west, my thirst for capturing this vast country of ours has not been quenched. Needless to say, I really enjoy assignments that involve travel especially if I can drive there!

Yukon - Cariboo

I’m fortunate to live in Canada with such varied landscapes that include farmland, forests, mountains, hoodoos, waterfalls and beaches. The people that make up our great land are just as varied; from the cowboys and farmers to the sports enthusiasts and business professionals.

I’ll climb a mountain, paddle a river, dangle off a cliff and go off the beaten path to capture the essence of a place in a photo. If I make you want to visit that spot or at least find out more about it, than I’ve done my job. Canada has it all and I like capturing that in a photo.

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Beth Causley

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