The Itch

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The Itch

Light is just staring to creep into the blackness of the night. First one bird starts to sing it’s song to the morning and then another. As the black sky fades to blue, the world starts to come alive and the air is filled with bird song. The sun rises and shines strong in the blue, cloudless sky. The cool night air turns warm. The long day stretches out. I sit working at the computer and I feel it.

The itch.

Longer days and nicer weather are upon us and with that comes the itch to move. I’ve dusted off my tennis racket, my kayak and my bike. I bought new hiking boots and have worn them in. My car’s had a tune up and new tires put on. Tonight I’m going to finish packing up my summer car kit, which includes those things you might just need to stay away from home and camp. My ax (which goes with me wherever I go) is still sharp and I’ve looked over all my tools. I still have ample emergency wood in the trunk and my gear has been inspected and is in good order except that I need to get a new coffee pot! (Yes, I have coffee every day, even when camping: hence the emergency wood!)

Red Rock Canyon in Waterton Lakes National Park- the furthest south in Alberta I’ve been. With more daylight hours it means I can travel farther.

I like to prepare the night before so that I can get up early, grab my gear and be on the road before the sun is up. As golden hour hits I’m under an endless sky in a wheat field, beside a blue lake, rolling over the surrounding hills in my jeep or simply strolling along a rarely used, dirt, back road. Hours of exploration lay ahead of me.

The additional hours of daylight give me the opportunity to stay out later so that I can travel farther and see more. It gives me the time to travel down one more road, walk over one more hill, paddle to the next inlet or talk to the person I’ve met just a little bit longer.

After a long, cold winter, spring makes us all feel the same: ready for something, something new. Our sunny, warm days are precious here in Canada and there are so many cool places to discover.

So go on, satisfy that itch. Get yourself outdoors and go explore.

Welcome to spring 2014.

Sometimes I'm not the only person up early.

Sometimes I’m not the only person up early.