Taking Time Out

  • On May 30, 2014 ·
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Taking Time Out

Is it wrong to want to sit here

in the sunlight and fresh air?

Is it wrong to just sit here

and do nothing but sit and stare?

Resting at Alexandra Falls, NWT

Resting at Alexandra Falls, NWT


My head keeps saying “Get up!”

the demands of life within,

Oh but all I really want

Is to sit and listen to the wind!


I’ve got a list that’s eight miles long,

there’s always something I’ve got to do

but who really wants to work inside

when the sky is so vibrant blue?

Some moments are meant to be savored.
Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta


The birds are singing, the flowers are out,

their fragrance fills the air

Warm from the sun, I give in

and simply sit and stare.