My List

  • On March 11, 2014 ·
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My List

Today did not go as planned. My list of things to do has only one task checked off. The rest hang in limbo. It’s after five pm and I will continue to work on into the night because I don’t want things carrying over to tomorrow.
I had big plans today and I was up early to get a jump start on my day. My optimism about the day stated to fade when my email would not open. “Not to worry,” I thought, “I’ll just move onto item number two. Oh wait, to do that I need something in my email that‘s not opening up. I can’t do the third task without doing number two.” That’s the way my day started. I struggled on for a bit and then I picked up the phone just to chat with a friend on the East coast. Partway through the conversation I realized that I was stretching our chat out to put off work.
Working from home has taught me the importance of being organized and staying focused. On Sunday nights I sit down and map out what my week will look like; what posts to put up where, meetings, correspondence, photography work….anything that I can think of that needs to get done goes on my list. I like being that organized, it takes a lot of pressure off me.When a bump in my work day causes plans to go astray I feel frustrated. Either I can give up and write the day off or I can keep going and keep working to achieve the things I set out to do. Either way I recognize when I need a break.
So I took a break. I have a park that is close to me and I went for a walk there. It was sunny and warm and wonderful out. I walked through small wooded areas and alongside the river. I watched the Canadian Geese as I sat beside the still icy Elbow. Out in the sunshine and fresh air I thought about why I was making these lists and why I wanted to achieve all the goals that my lists help me set. As I walked home I thought about where I want to be and what I have to do to get there.
I came back to my list with a renewed passion to get things done. I always find physical activity helps to bring me back into focus. When your day isn’t going your way what do you do to turn it around?